1. What are three important attributes of life, distinguishing it from inanimate objects? [each answer should be less than 10 words]
    1. Attribute 1:
    2. Attribute 2:
    3. Attribute 3;
      2. Calculating maximum biodiversity from sequences.
      1. How many different types of genes are possible for a gene size of 12 nucleotides long?
      1. How many different types of proteins are possible for a protein size of 6 amino acids in length? (such a short “protein” is actually a “peptide”)
        3. Fill out the table below for each type of metabolism (“Anabolism” or “Catabolism”):
    4. Metabolism OccurringAnabolism or Catabolism?Uptake of nutrients into the cellBiosynthesis of proteinsFormation of ATPUtilization of fat as an energy sourceConversion of glucose to CO2

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