What are some major healthcare financial initiatives or trends that impact quality, cost, and access to healthcare?

In my opinion the ACA accomplished few good things such as allowing patients with preexisting conditions get coverage and for marketplace plans cover mental health. Then the ACA failed at large on improving Quality, Access and Cost.

Blase (2022) claims that the ACA damaged the individual market for healthcare insurance and harmed middle-income families and small businesses.

The ACA was forecasted to help 31 million Americans to get healthcare coverage. The total number of new patients reached the 13 millions mark.

Buying coverage is not the same as having access to service. Many providers did not have room for new patients with coverage from the marketplace due to low reimbursement.

The cost promised failed miserably because new patients with healthcare plan now on top of taking home less money, they had to pay out of pocket services such as x-rays, etc. that the plan did not cover.

Additionally, mom, dad or whomever is the policy holder had to continue paying higher premiums for 8 years more by having unmarried kids on the policy until the age of 26.

Many small business had to let go employees to avoid having to pay healthcare for their employees. Many low-income families to avoid paying the fine purchased healthcare insurance and never used.

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