When I was a kid I dreamed of becoming an astronaut because I wanted to explore the endless void of space. Now I realize I could want to be anything and everything I could be is now in the past’ making my future the thing I’ve always dreamed of. Once I felt like the world was a part of me like an endless recurrence telling me to do better. It seemed to me like something was wrong and the only thing I could imagine was my future. This world we live in depicts the point in which we have to decide on one thing or another for the greater good of our society.

I am a person with many skills but one that comes to mind is my persistence in doing. I always try my best to finish something no matter how long it takes. I am always there trying and trying again. This experience I want to talk about’ relays my life and what it took to get here. I have autism and this gives me the determination and persistence to to keep doing. Where others give up I continue to forge ahead.

When I was a kid I wanted to change the world. I wanted to become something impossible. The first time I got an F in school I was in fourth grade my mom told me if I keep getting F’s my life will not end up how I want it to’ so I tried my best going forward having struggles here and overall it got me to this point a point where I get B’s and A’s. My life is something unique’ one with more turnarounds than anything else I’ve seen.