During the first weeks of class you need to fill your gasoline tank in your car*.

During the course, you will keep a record of all purchases of gasoline noting:

dates, price, amount, cost and odometer reading.

Get receipts and/or keep a diary in your vehicle.

It is not necessary to submit the receipts with your project.

If you share the car, make certain the other person(s) get receipts for any gasoline purchases

they might do during the term of the project.

It is not necessary to fill your tank with each purchase, just the first to start, and then the last to complete the project.

After filling your tank, the last week, transfer each purchase to a data page table or in a spreadsheet.

Presenting the data collected in spread sheet format or WORD table is worth (10 Points),

See handout document listed below

Correctly summing your project totals: