Research Questions

What questions will your doctoral study present? These questions are the research questions that derive from the research problem and purpose. The research questions are the distillation of what the study seeks to answer. They help to define how your study will be designed and carried out. This week, you analyze research questions and their alignment with the rest of the study.

To Prepare

• Review the Learning Resources.

• Regarding research questions, consider what would constitute lack of strong alignment in a doctoral study, and what makes a study strongly aligned.

• Consider how research questions align in the example you have analyzed.

To Complete

By Day 5 of Week 6

• Post an analysis of how research questions align with the problem and purpose in the doctoral study you selected.

• Use scholarly tone and APA style.

Learning Resources

Required Readings

Lambert, M. (2012). A beginner’s guide to doing your education research project. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

• Chapter 5, “Research Questions” (pp. 65–78)