Develop an instructional brochure on the nutritional aspects of HIV/AIDS.

Include in your brochure all points below:

Explanation of the pathophysiology of the disorder. Provide 4 risk factors OR 4 symptoms of the disorder.

Two common medications used for the disorder. Explain how medications work to treat the disorder. Include 3 nutritional considerations for each medication.

Identify an evidence-based diet to prevent or reduce the incidence of the disorder.

Include at least 3 specific foods that should be included in the diet, provide rational for why foods should be included in the diet for this disease process.

Include at least 3 specific foods that should be avoided in the diet, provide rational for why the foods should be excluded from the diet for disease process.

Examples of Evidence-based diets:

Dash diet

Mediterranean diet

Low carb diet

Low sodium diet

Low fat diet

Modified fiber and bland diet

Protein restricted

High protein diet

Include the information for at least 2 patient resources. One resource on the evidence-based diet and 1 resource on the disorder. Include name of organization and URL for the citation.

Include images or clipart to support your information. Trifold brochure should look professional.

Include at least 2 evidence-based references (less than 5 years old) included in your brochure to support your information. Proper use of in-text citations and references in APA Style

Language should be written at an 8th-grade reading level.

Any medical terminology should be broken down in lay terms or defined.