Write a Progress Report. You will be reporting on progress being made on the team-building gathering/activity that the president and vice president of your company want you to create. You’ll be using the same fictional company you used for the questionnaire, and you’ll be using the questionnaire results to guide this assignment. (You will have a questionnaire that you created. You can fill out the answsers.).

This report is, to update the readers (the president, vice president, and any other executives/managers at the company involved in the decision-making process) on the progress being made toward making the team-building activity happen.

In your report, you need to include questionnaire and some created feedback. You can also make up some other things you’ve done–for instance, you can write that you have researched how much it would cost to hire a speaker, provide food and beverage, etc. You are allowed to make up figures for things like this as long as they are reasonable. Remember that the main task you have here is to come up with an event that will help with team-building and improve morale.

The plan should be informed by the results you got from questionnaire you wrote, so base your report on the information you received (the information you make up re: responses) from employees who filled out and returned the questionnaire.