Step #1 Read the question or prompt carefully: Read the question three times and be able to paraphrase the question and know the essential task demanded by it. Answering the question will be the central focus of your essay, and you want to be sure to ATFP! What type of prompt is this? What is your purpose? What are your parameters? Notice this prompt includes the phrase “the extent to which.” This means that your thesis must directly state the extent each impacted the relationship.

Step #2 Brainstorm on paper everything that comes to mind regarding the topic at hand. Aim for at least 6 specific things. What do you know about the topic? Put this down on paper to get your brain in gear for writing the essay. Once you have ample information, categorize it by theme. (ABC)

Step #3 Clarify your thesis/view and identify an opposing view. Make sure your thesis ATFP! Don’t restate the prompt!

Step #4 Write your introductory paragraph. USE THE FORMULA! Explain and Elaborate! ATFP!