Evaluate all three operations topics below by discussing the main theories / frameworks / concepts in each topic AND then applying them by discussing real examples from your selected organisation.

1. The Transformation Model and 4Vs Typology – (Slack, Chapter 1)

2. Operations Performance Objectives – (Slack, Chapter 2)

3. Process Design and Layout Analysis – (Slack, Chapter 6)


In relation to these concepts discussed above be creative and investigative so to:

4. Identify two operations challenges / critical issues / problems at your organisation

5. Provide two suitable operations solutions / suggestions / recommendations to improve the current organisation’s operations.

Thus within your report, you should discuss relevant theoretical concepts and frameworks, and apply them to your selected organisation. This will show your comprehensive understanding of the complex problems faced by operations managers and discuss some techniques / solutions currently available to help solve these challenges (LO3). You should also develop problem solving skills to improve your operations decision making (LO4) and enhance your employability within the industry of your selected organisation.

The suggested standard report format should include the following sections:

 A cover page

 An executive summary – 1 page, with brief overview of report content.

 A contents page – 1 page, with all relevant sections and sub-sections

 An introduction – 300 words about the selected organisation


 Findings section – 2000 words as main body with four subsections as guided.

 A Conclusion section – 200 words – as overall conclusion

Check files I added for structure, guidance and References

YOU CAN ADD DIAGRAMS AND CHARTS for better explanation