Select an article from a popular science news source. There are several pre-approved sources in the “News Feed” folder in the Content section on Blackboard. You may choose any article from any of these sources, as long as it focuses on a scientific discovery/concept. 

Write a paragraph of at least 5 sentences that provides a synopsis (summary) of this article in the text box provided. Specifically:

1. Topic Sentence: Your first sentence should convey the main idea. Example: “Scientists may have discovered lakes on Mars, suggesting that the liquid water required for life might be present on the planet.”

 Note: You must state both what they found and why this is so important/interesting.

2. Remaining Sentences: These are where you state the most important details supporting the general idea you communicated in your topic sentence.

3. Provide a link to your article below your paragraph. Be sure the link is active and clickable