Description:identify major developments in the history of managerial thought including classical and contemporary approaches.Academic essay should discuss the following points:

1. a) What is management / managing organisations

•Various definitions of management

•The detailed roles and tasks of management

•The internal & external environments of managing

b) The practice of management – what is management really about?

•The basic tasks and responsibilities

•The need to manage / understand the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL environments of an organisation

c) The development of management theory (we focus on 4 models)

•Management theory

•Historical development of approaches

ii) How these models relate to each other:

The Competing Values Framework (CVF)

•The four models: Rational Goal model, Internal Process model, Human Relations model, and Open Systems model

•Today: Scientific Management and the Rational Goal model

d) Internal Process model: the work of Weber & Fayol

•Human Relations model: the Hawthorne experiment

e) Open Systems models

• The contingency approach

• Summary: the management models & CVF approach

f) POLC – SWOT – PESTEL * important *