Please see directions, MAPP User Handbook, associated lecture (Goals and Objectives) to use to rephrase the top prioritized issue into the form of a strategic question and to write one goal that will help answer this strategic issue and provide a narrative summary in the body of the paper (Part 1), the Health Planning Worksheet to include the recommended strategies and interventions for the top prioritized issue in the Chicago, Illinois community in the Recommended Activities section as determined from The Community Guide research, along with brainstorming any barriers to the selection of the strategies to include them in the correct box of the Health Planning worksheet, and to provide a summary of two recommended strategies with evidence to support the selection in the narrative of the paper (Part 2), and to complete the rest of the Health Planning Worksheet write one outcome objective, one impact objective and one process objective for the top prioritized issue and provide a narrative summary (Part 3). To be clear, a narrative summary of all steps should be included in the body of the paper in order to provide a description of the process to the public and the completed Health Planning Worksheet should be included as an appendix. Please see the grading rubric attached, read all directions and provided materials, and if unclear about any of the stated directions ask questions. Thank you!