This course is fraud and abuse.

Its to do mini policy but needs to have background in health care as well

The mini policy has to be for west Virginia health care. First, need to find a health care abuse case and then follow the instructions.

Need to be used Lexis Nexis database ; In this module, you will use this database to find statutes from the state you chose that describe a type of health care abuse

What is a mini policy analysis? Part 2

In this module, you’ll proceed through the next few steps of Bardach’s 8-step policy analysis process, in particular focusing on step 3, “Construct the Alternatives.” (I have attached the matrial) This step requires you to come up with several policy solutions to a problem of health care abuse.

You may be wondering, “how do I come up with policy solutions to a problem?” You can get ideas from anywhere: what other states are doing, what scholars or think tanks propose, or from good old common sense and brainstorming. To help, please review the excerpt from Bardach’s (2012) book about step 3, which can be found in the “Readings and Other Materials Folder” for Week 2 of this Module. Also, feel free to review the relevant parts of PowerPoint about Bardach’s 8-step process provided to you in the last module.

INSTRUCTIONS: Using LexisNexis news reports and/or criminal cases, identify a case of health care abuse that has occurred in the state you are researching this semester. Define the problem presented by the case (Bardach’s step 1). Then, propose two policy options that might help prevent or reduce the extent of the problem (Bardach’s step 3) and recommend which solution will be the most politically feasible. In other words, which solution would be most likely to be adopted by political leaders? Submit the assignment in the “Mini Policy analysis of Health Care Abuse” Assignment area.

To help your analysis, research the context of the problem by examining the state’s website, relevant state agency websites, other news reports, state statutes, and regulations, etc. Examine whatever helps you understand why the case of abuse occurred and how it might have been prevented. You don’t have to be a perfect expert about the case, but you should understand the lay of the land.

For more guidance about the grading criteria for this assignment, please see the relevant rubric posted in the rubrics folder on the “course info” page.