You are working the afternoon shift in an inpatient psychiatric unit. The patients are in the TV room watching a movie when suddenly someone starts yelling. You and other staff rush to the room to find L.L., a 48 year old male patient, crouched in the corner behind a chair, yelling at other patients: “Get down, quick, get down!” You and the other staff are able to calm L.L. and the other patients and take L.L. to his room. He apologizes for his outburst and explains to you that the movie brought back memories of the Gulf War. He had forgotten where he was and thought he was in combat again. He describes to you in detail the memory he had of being ambushed by the enemy and watching several of his comrades be killed. You remember hearing in report that L.L. is a Gulf War veteran admitted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)