Meeting Strangers – Greet and interact either face-to-face (be safe!) or online with two strangers (NOT students from class) using strategies from the “Twenty-Five Conversation Starters / Five Ice Breakers” course handouts. In your journal reply, please do the following: 1) Tell the story of how and where you met each person and the general contents of your interaction; 2) Explain which techniques from the handout were helpful. If you did not use a technique, please explain which skills you used from the Interpersonal Communication Skill Sets handout; 3) In your opinion, was the interaction successful or unsuccessful? 4) Describe how was one experience different from the other; 5) Given your experiences, what would you keep the same or do differently in the future when meeting strangers? 6) Identify and discuss how any aspect of your personality type or temperament (e.g., Extraversion/Introversion, SJ, NF, etc.) or that of the other person might have influenced the nature and outcome of your interactions. Have fun!

For 6, my temperament Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)- ESFJ

Temperament- SJ