A. Identity of Business. What does the firm do? What is its business model? How does it make money? Who are its target customers? What is the competitive landscape? How hard or easy is it for a new competitor to enter? B. Problem What needs to be adjusted or improved? What are the obstacles to better business performance? If the business is having difficulties what are the sources of the problems? (Consider – internal management shortcomings, aggressive competitors, change in preferences of target customers, new technology, …) If the business is doing fine what threats can you identify that management should pay attention to? C. Recommendations What is your advice to top management? Be sure to support your advice with logical arguments. What are the alternatives to your recommendations and why are they not so good?

Special Question 1. In the world of business it is common for companies to make similar copies of their rivals’ products. That is how firms compete with one another. Amazon also employs this tactic. To what extent is this an acceptable practice? What, if anything, is not acceptable? Explain your reasoning.

Special Question 2. Be a consultant for a small manufacturing company. Advise the company on how it can defend itself against Amazon competition. What tangible steps should it take?