This study aims to assess how colour affects attention and how emotion affects attention.

Explaining the aim of the study/hypothesis; include research topic, research questions,

Include possible implications of the research and future work.

Start this section with a broad and short opening / finish stating the aims and hypothesis): 1. Theory of attention. 2. Present mixed findings in research.3. Describe how attention is influenced by emotion/colour (positive and neutral faces in both colour and black and white), previous studies; separate and together.; include previous research relating to the impact of emotion on attention – bring your focus on positive emotion and also impact of faces above other types of stimuli – what has previous research been found? are there inconsistencies in results? gaps in the

literature? etc. Also, provide similar for research relating to the impact of colour on emotion. 4. Discuss replication and the current study. – – ensure that you end the

introduction by clearly stating the aims and hypotheses of the current study

Discuss studies that support or contradict my findings.