You have to write a research article (Project). The project type would be “Systematic rewiew with data analysis or analysis of data published in peer reviewed journals” and my project topic is “Analysis the effect of the accumulation of collagen fibrotic (collagen type 3) glomerulopathy on the prevalence and incidence of diabetic nephropathy”. You have to analysis proteomics data sets. I will upload a video , this video is very very important. If you can see this video you will have a clear idea about which type of data you have to collect from different peer reviewed journals and what you have to analysis, everything. I have attached a file named “Assessment 1 Requirements” from where you can have a idea how to design Research Article. I have also attached another file named “Research Article structure Brief” where you can find every details of every section of the Article including word count. There is another file named “Formatting Requirements” where you can find the formatting requirements. There is also another file named “ Supplementary Information ” where you can find additional information. You have to focus on the introduction first for focusing the research question. Depending on the introduction the whole project will e done. Please give references as much as possible. For this dissertation you have to use any BMC journal referencing style. Please note that this is different to the APA referencing style. Please follow the guidelines which I have uploaded here and please also see the video file which is very important for this dissertation. I will upload the video as soon as I got the video upload link