Directions: Please number the questions as referenced below and follow the directions for each question. You must post your homework assignment on blackboard as a word file only by the due date listed in the course outline. Ten points will be deducted for each day it is late. No credit will be given if the assignment is more than 3 days late. As for all assignments and tests in this course, spelling, grammar, punctuation and the ability to follow directions are all considered when determining your grade.

You must include your name on your assignment, as well as the course number and section.

Read the article from Trends Magazine posted on blackboard, “The Truth About Technicians”, then answer the following questions about the article. (see file below for article)

1. In bullet points, list four things vet techs can be exposed to that are potentially dangerous to their health, as discussed in the article.

2. In 2-3 sentences, tell me which health concern mentioned you are the most apprehensive about and why.

3. In bullet points, list two reasons, the article discussed, that are associated with the high turnover/burnout rate in this profession. Under each bullet point, write 2-3 sentences, in your own words, supporting why these reasons could cause a vet tech to leave the profession.

4. The article talked of the many responsibilities we have as vet techs. It talked about technicians being client educators. In 2-4 sentences, in your own words, why is client education such an important part of being a technician or veterinarian?

5. Many references cite the average longevity of a veterinary technician in clinical practice to be 5-10 years. In 2-4 sentences, what did the article say is the best way to stay in a field that you love and how do you plan on ensuring you don’t become one of the statistics of burnout in our profession?