The Annotated Bibliography is an individual assignment, whereby you will produce a properly formatted list of the references that may be used in your group’s Research Report. Each bibliographic entry should be accompanied by an annotation (summary) of the text you have chosen, and these should be 120-150 words in length. Please provide a word count for each annotation. You are required to summarise only one to two pages of written text, or you may choose a recorded text, such as a TED Talk or a segment from a television programme.

Each group member should produce 3 annotated bibliographic entries. You are expected to select three different sources of secondary research which are relevant, reputable, and authoritative. Academic sources are preferred over media sources, and all sources must be in the English language.

You will be assessed according to the quality of the language in your annotation, the relevance and quality of the chosen text, and thus its “usefulness”, and your adherence to the APA 7th edition style of referencing in producing bibliographic entries and in-text citations.