Choose a TED Talk video (Links to an external site.) on a topic that pertains to any one of the areas of health that we are covering this semester. This may include fitness, nutrition, stress and stress management, specific disease prevention, behavior change (as it pertains to personal health), health trends, healthy habits, health fraud, societal/environmental role in impacting our health, being a good consumer of health and wellness, and making healthy choices that affect the world around us.

Write a detailed reflection on the video and include the following:

— Title and presenter of video

— A brief summary of the presenter’s overall message — what was his or her main point?

— Overall, do you feel that the presenter’s message has the potential for wide spread lasting impact? Or do you feel that it’s too focused (or even biased) in such a way that it’s irrelevant? Explain your reasoning.

— What was one “take away” for you — what was a new insight that you can further consider and/or apply?

Reflection should be detailed and properly formatted. Paragraphs should be clear and focusing on one point each. Please see rubric. TurnItIn is used to review this assignment.