For these assignment, you will capture still-image (no videos, gifs, audio clips, etc.). For photo assignment, you will only capture one photo; How you capture this image is up to you: they might be a screenshot of something you see on social media, an object you see outside/inside, people that you ask to pose for you, a piece of art you create, a cake you’ve decorated, etc. Please – feel free to be creative, here!

The photo must be accompanied by a written reflection that includes:

(1) a few sentences (2 – 3 should suffice, but feel free to write up to 5) describing the image and where/why it was taken, and

(2) a maximum of 500 words relating the image to the course material (e.g., readings, lectures). In other words, you will be making explicit connections between real-world experiences of women/gender in your photos and what you have been learning and discussing in class. The photo is worth 1 point and each accompanying reflection is worth 4 points.

Why? The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to: (i) engage with our course material in a creative way, (ii) demonstrate your conceptual understanding of our course material, and (iii) demonstrate your abilities to apply your knowledge. My aim is also help you engage with course material outside of the classroom, and to draw connections between course material and your own experiences. My hope is that this will help you apply what you learn in the (virtual) classroom to your own life – which is one of the most valuable by-products of a psychology course. It is recommended to try to paraphrase quotations rather than copying them directly. You will lose points for writing style if you simply copy and paste quotations, even if you attribute them to the correct source.