Interview three people from a culture different than your own. Feel free to be liberal in how you define the term culture that is, cultural differences can be any aspect of the family that is different from yours (e.g., socioeconomic, religion, racial, ethnic, language, etc). Please make sure to include the following in your interview:

a) What is the role of mother and father in family?

b) Who lives in the home? Outside the home? What is their relative influence on the family?

c) (If applicable) What is the primary language spoken in the home? Is it different than the language being taught in school?

d) What rituals and/or holidays are most important for the family?

e) Describe the societal systems the family is in contact with routinely (e.g., school, judicial, social service, etc). What are their views on these systems? Are these systems helpful? Do they understand how these systems work?