1) Interview an unrelated member of your community, ideally an older person who has a medical history.

2) Develop a complete three-generation genogram for this person using standardized symbols and a key. Create a non-binary gender symbol if appropriate.

3) Use either the guide in Jarvis Physical Examination & Health Assessment under The Complete Health History or My Family Health Portrait ( ) to construct the genogram. If you choose to hand draw the genogram you must use a scanning app such as Genius Scan to scan the image and upload it. Photos will not be accepted.

4) Be mindful of HIPAA: Do not include dates of birth, names, or other identifying information. Label each person’s symbol with current age or age at death, diagnoses and/or cause of death.

NOTE; Same instructions are in the browse disk below and a word doc sample genogram. I am sorry if that is not really clear but that is how the genogram should look like.