Case Briefs: (Due before 11:00 p.m. on submission date)

These are individual assignments, each case will follow the following format and be limited to three (3) single-spaced pages (in the same document) with at least an 11-point font. All briefs will be left justified margins only; no right justification (or square right margins).

a. Cover memo (One-page memo to client introducing and defining problem, what will be done and when, and key deliverables). This is like an executive summary but follow topics in first sentence. Use this form, properly aligned as below for cover page:

MEMO To: Instructor

From: Your name

Re: Case Brief (case name)

Date: Submission date (Note: the alignment of the indenting to be professional)

b. Report (Maximum of two pages) containing required headings:

i. Diagnostics (Analysis of situation and external context – ensure you give a summary statement of each part).

ii. Alternatives (Mutually exclusive options asking “what” to do and not “how” to do it – either / or choices that will resolve the identified problem) and Discussion (Use decision criteria – not pros /cons – and how you chose the selected option based on criteria).

iii. Recommendation (Brief explanation of alternative selected but don’t add “how’s” – actions or implementation steps).

iv. Action Plan (Immediate, short-, mid-, and long-term actions needed to move forward; very specific and measureable. Outline who will do what, how much will it cost, and when will it be done – ideally in one sentence).

v. Conclusion (What was problem, how was it solved, and what are a few key actions to implement the change). The use of headings (as above) will make it easier for a reader to follow (and mark) your analysis. Your written analysis will be graded on the: 1) quality of the written content, structure and flow of the writing, originality and creativity in your analysis and recommendations, 2) application of course content and understanding of the organization, 3) integration of relevant research, 4) quality of your analysis including options presented, and 4) the articulation of an appropriate solution consistent with the problem(s) expressed in the introduction. Please do not submit a rough draft of a number of independently written sections; take care that the entire paper reads well together, has a similar style, and is free of grammar and spelling errors.