Find a story related to employment/employment law (this could be a legally or academically narrated story or an everyday life/media story. Tell me about it (summary); now, tell me why you find it interesting and how it relates to issues we are discussing in the course (contextualization), and what you think of it (and why; here, evidence from other sources and personal experience come in) (critique/evaluation). Although the instructions ask you for your personal experience, please refrain from giving it as they are not reflective of my own. You must refer to course material, which can be found in the additional materials; because of this, I suggest you write the paper about topics already covered in class, such as precarious work, vulnerable workers, the gig economy, or the gender wage gap. I will attach a file with more topics covered. If you need help or clarification for anything, ask me. The “beyond vulnerable workers text” text is from week 1 and might give you an understanding of what we are discussing in this class. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, REFER TO THE RUBRIC FOR GRADING, AND LOOK AT THE COURSE MATERIAL TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WE HAVE DISCUSSED THUS FAR.