Please answer the question that you claimed. Your answer will require APA and Bluebook (if relevant) citations and references. Drawing from Michael Strong’s The Habit of Thought, you will need to take the question and your response seriously, be sensitive and polite, show integrity and honesty, and demonstrate your willingness to accept criticism (if applicable). And from Matt Copeland, you should also demonstrate critical reflection, excellent writing skills, and if necessary, the ability to resolve conflict. Don’t necessarily accept what the writers (of the sources you use) say. You need to engage the writers or scholars by constructing your own understanding, backed by authorities (citations and references). Hence, you will be in dialogue with the text, as already discussed in the first section regarding close reading. Remember that this is not a debate with your classmates! Never be personal in your response to another’s question. You can engage the question, seeking clarification as to what was meant, build upon their ideas, politely ask for evidence (if applicable), respectfully disagree if you feel necessary, and overall be positive and speak to the group, not to the individual who posted the question or to me as the professor.