One of the largest commercial real estate companies Marion & Marrow is about to list a $30 million dollar property with one of its top clients. The client requests a team of real estate brokers who have a high experience in both multifamily and retail sales. The regional manager of Marion & Marrow calls in the top two multifamily and retail brokers in the area where they are about to list. This group of four have never worked together but are aware of each other’s accomplishments. The emotional state and mood of the group must be top notch to successfully manage the client expectations and successfully sell the property.

Q1.  Describe the importance of trust and commitment for the agents as they prepare for their first meeting with the client.

Q2. Describe how the group emotion can affect the team and client perspective? Using Exhibit 4-2 (attached) discuss how one of these beliefs can impact the team.

Q3. Based on your readings, provide specific suggestions for ensuring team cohesion.