John, Holly, Hans and Simone are all working on a budgeting project for Nakatomi Industries. They are all seasoned accountants with a wide range of expertise in the field. John and Holly have been working in accounting the longest and are recognized as subject matter experts at Nakatomi. Hans and Simone are new to the company, but also bring a wide range of knowledge to the project. Because of this, John and Holly have taken the lead on the project. While Hans and Simone are hard workers and want to contribute, they often have to defer to John and Holly even if it is something they know and are familiar with. Further, Hans and Simone desire to prove themselves to John and Holly and produce an excellent product. John is quick to become overwhelmed and stressed which can lead to slower response times. There is a management push to put more people on the team if they are not able to produce their final budget project soon.  The team learns from each other daily, and overall enjoys working together, but there is some disagreement about how and when to present the final budget to management.