Read the two additions to the Severance Case provided below and write a 3 page paper that answers the questions posed after each addition:

Carson is no longer an employee of FGH Tech, Ltd. and works for another company on the East Coast, far from the arbitration hearing. He is unable to take time off of his new job to travel to the hearing site and testify. The company asserts that Carson’s testimony is crucial and has requested permission to present Carson’s testimony by Skype or telephone. Whitney has objected and asserts that if he does not appear live, he should not be able to testify.

• Do you grant the company’s motion? Why or why not?

• If you grant the motion, what conditions do you place on the presentation of the testimony in the manner requested by the company?

• The company’s attorney requests that the Skype take place in his conference room, which is very close to the hearing room. How do you respond?

• Write a paragraph explaining your ruling in this instance.

A central issue in the case is the separation agreement, and if it is valid even though the company did not sign it. A witness is testifying about the protocol she learned at the company regarding separation agreements. After her testimony, Whitney’s attorney asked the following questions: