DESCRIPTION: The aim of this Analysis Paper is to analyze the development, and behave of a group you belong to, through the lenses of the Organizational Behavior theories and concepts. It’s preferable that you choose a group that is going through (or went) to some kind of conflict, and that don’t interact very smoothly, to allow you to make a deeper analysis. During the course of this class you will be asked to choose a group you belong to, and keep a written log of events/activities (the log must be turned in with your paper) describing group processes/dynamics and comparing best practices to your personal experience with the group. You can choose any group you belong to. Your paper should make use of the material (theories and concepts) from the text.

First part of the Paper: preliminary description of the group you choose to develop this paper called Group Profile. Describe what type of group is this, how did you joined the group, for how long do you belong to this group, how many people are on the group. In addition, you might choose to include some demographic information, as for example: age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, education, and employment.

Keeping a journal:

• The paper must include at least 5 logs that describe the actions and behaviors seen within and among group members.

• Logs should include the date and time of group meetings and/or interactions, and should provide detailed and direct observations of group members.

• Logs are in addition to, and are not counted in the total pages for the assignment.

Consider Describing:

• What type of group is this?

• What are the group goals? Why this group exist?

• How did you joined the group?

• How long do you belong to this group?

• How many people are on the group?

• Demographic information (if you have access to it/if they are relevant to the group), as for example: age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, education, job, etc.

• Add other descriptive information you think could be important for the paper.