The purpose of this assessment is to give students the opportunity to write an editorial style ’feature article’ about a current issue that relates to outdoor recreation. Increasingly, social media and the internet are being used as platforms to educate and inspire individuals to explore and adventure outdoors, and to foster stewardship to celebrate and protect our natural environments and wild places. This task requires students to develop an informed position on one current issue, and articulate a thoughtful and concise argument designed to inform public debate with writing that is responsible, ethical and supported by evidence. These skills are increasingly valuable across many outdoor education, recreation and health professions.


Imagine you are an outdoor recreation ’expert’, who has been invited to submit an editorial style ’feature article’ for a leading digital content publisher such as ’The Conversation’, which is a global source of commentary and research from academics – written for the public (see: ). Individually, you are to select one of the ’headline topics’ provided in class and on vUWS, and write a feature article for ’The Conversation’, designed to be shared widely across their multiple online platforms (website, Facebook, twitter, etc.). Your article will provide the public with clarity and insight into one of societies current problems. It is designed to act as a reliable information source injecting evidence into public debate, and to be influential in changing knowledge, behaviour or attitudes in relation to your topic. You are also required to submit a visual component that compliments your feature article (such as a photo or diagram, etc.), which is designed to creatively inspire and engage the public in your important topic.

This task should consider the following brief:


News hook (A sharp introduction. The critical piece of newsworthy information that will capture attention and interest)

Why do we care? (So what? Outline why your topic is significant or important?)

What do we know? (Define key terms, introduce current issues and important information to help others understand your topic).

What should we know? (This is the problem, or your argument – what should change? What points or examples will you raise to support your argument or ideas?)

What’s the solution? (Concluding thoughts. Now what? Where to from here?)

NOTE: Ensure everything is evidence based and pulled from the latest research and data (i.e., peer reviewed journal articles or book chapters)

Headline Topics: Please choose one of the following headline topics to build your feature article around. These headlines directly relate to one of the weekly modules we have covered.

Recreating in ‘green’ and ‘blue’ spaces – good for you and good for nature!

Outdoor recreation in ‘green’ and ‘blue’ spaces impacts individual and community health!

Social media and a global pandemic: changing the way Sydney residents recreate in the ‘great outdoors?’

The myth of open/public recreation areas: why green and blue spaces are not equally accessible to all.