Assess a current semi-direct or indirect nursing situation that is in need of change.

Observe your healthcare environment, focusing on areas of nursing process that are inefficient, unsafe, or problematic in nature.

Diagnose the problem and choose a nursing change theory that suits the change you want to make.

Propose a detailed plan based on your chosen change theory, explaining how to implement change.

Develop criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and include a timeline for your change proposal.

Reflect on how your change affects the nursing profession.

Write a 3-5 page paper following the criteria below:

Your paper should include primary sources and include at least two peer-reviewed nursing journal articles.

Citations should be in your own words and not direct quotes.

Include a title page, running head, appropriate headings, and reference page.

The paper should be double spaced, written in Times New Roman, 12-point font, follow APA style format, and cite all sources correctly.