Assessment details

Assessment 1:

Key Concept Review Essay – 30% (Individual)

A4, double-sided and 1.5 line spacing, with 1.5 cm margins all round. Maximum of 1,500

words. (Penalties for exceeding the word count: exceed by 10% – 2% deduction; exceed by

15% – 5% deduction; exceed by ≥ 20% – 10% deduction)

Choose any publicly listed firm, from anywhere in the world. Within that firm, choose a single

profit centre (i.e., An SBU) and determine if its business model focus (foci) is (are) appropriate

given the structure of the industry it is competing in. To achieve this outcome, you will need

to apply Porter’s 5 Forces of Industry Analysis (20%). Following this evaluation, and, based

on the relative power distribution and other applicable factors, briefly outline and justify an

alternative business model for your chosen firm. (10%)