After completing the Shadow Health modules on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, choose one abnormal finding in your patient’s assessment. Analyze the assessment finding and discuss the potential health risks associated with it. Using the Healthy People 2020 Topic and Objectives list of potential health promotion topics, discuss a potential patient education handout you would propose to use for health promotion for risk. Considering the health literacy resources provided in this module and the Wilson (2009) article, what factors will you consider in evaluating the readability of health education resources for your patient? Please refer to writer’s note .

An abnormal assessment finding noted during the assessment was decreased peripheral pulse when palpating her pedal pulse on the right foot. Patient has wound to right foot. Tina is also diabetic and does not monitor her sugar at home. She is not taking medication for her diabetic. She does not see a doctor. Her A1C is elevated. Please use diabetes as a potential health promotion topic from Healthy People 2020.

Tina the patient has family history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular accident (CVA)