Introduction: The purpose of this assignment is to determine how the principle of hierarchy or chain of command is used in police settings.

The Assignment: Create a table that lists the benefits of chain of command. Next create a table that lists the drawbacks of chain of command. After you complete the table in one or two paragraphs respond to this question: Is ever a “good thing” to not have a chain of command? Why or why not?

Unity of command refers to placing one and only one superior in command or in control of every situation and every employee. This concept is instituted to ensure that multiple or conflicting orders are not issued by several superior officers to the same police officers. Unity of command also ensures that all police officers are aware of their immediate commander’s orders and that the immediate commander is aware of the task in which subordinates are involved. Emergency or tactical situations may develop where a superior may have to exert authority outside the pyramid of authority or chain of command.

Grading Criteria: This assignment should include two separate tables listing the pros and cons of chain of command. Each table is worth 20 points=40 total. Second portion of this assignment will include one to two paragraphs answering the question listed above. (10 points) The total point for this assignment is 50 points.