Read a recent article (less than one year old) that relates to one or more of the topics discussed in Chapters 1 -5. (I would like for the article you choose to have to do with building and sustaining relationships in retailing, which is chapter 2. I’ve uploaded a copy of this chapter). The article should be at least two pages and should have a retailing focus. Then type a summary of the article and a brief personal analysis of the article (what you think about the article). The summary should include the following information.

1. The name of the key term(s) that the article and the chapter have in common.

2. The name of the article, author’s name, where it was published (BusinessWeek), and date.

2. A summary of the article. The summary should be at least one page. If you quote from the article, be sure to use quotation marks. It is plagiarism to copy from the article without using quotation marks. Limit quotes to 2 sentences. Use your own words, plagiarism is automatically a 0 grade.

3. Your personal analysis of the article. Does the article relate to something you have read or experienced?

4. A copy of the article.

5. Points will be deducted for missing key terms, articles older than 1 year, missing publication information, summary too brief, grammar/spelling/typing errors, missing personal analysis, and not including a copy of article.