Task Description: The report allows you to demonstrate critical thinking and persuasive

writing skills via the position taken on traditional media communication. Resources that

students should utilise include academic journal articles, industry reports, and the course

content (See iLearn for details). Students will submit a 1000-word report demonstrating your

knowledge on key IMC issues discussed throughout the semester.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

ULO1: Identify and define key terms, concepts, frameworks and models of marketing


ULO2: Employ critical thinking techniques to solve problems, both as an individual and in a


Reflection Details

Is traditional marketing communication (e.g. television, radio, print, outdoor) still a relevant

way of communicating with customers?

This report targets the development of students’ understanding of integrated marketing

communications as it applies to real world issues. It focuses on enhancing critical thinking

skills, persuasive writing, and encourages students to understand the complex nature of

consumer expectations towards marketing communications.

The question is intentionally broad to allow students to focus on relevant communication issues

of interest to them, and medium examples provided in the questions are suggestions only.

Students must choose to argue one side of the argument (i.e. positive or negative), and provide

sound justification for their position. Please use paragraphs and avoid the use of bullet points.

Each report must be supported by both theory and industry insights. The theory should be based

on a minimum of 3 journal articles (from sources classified as peer reviewed journals), and,

should demonstrate a clear understanding and articulation of scholarly research on the topic.

The examples should not be drawn from personal experience, but, should be drawn from at

least 2 reputable industry reports (eg. McKinsey, Deloitte, IBISWorld etc). You use of brand

Dr. Kay Naumann S2 2021

examples should be secondary to your focus on theoretical analysis and critical discussion. See

rubric on iLearn (PDF) for grade level requirements.

Suggested Refection Structure (1000 words):

• Introduction: Establish the direction of the report

o Provide an overview of the report topic including any key definitions.

o State assumptions on target audience, industry, or product category you are

using to explore the relevance on traditional media.

o State the medium(s) you are exploring.

• Body: Provide a rational for your position using evidence from

o Academic journal articles (minimum 3)

o Industry reports (minimum 2)

o Additional sources used for metrics and other consumer insight.

• Conclusion: Summarise main findings of report.

o Highlight the impact of findings for the study of marketing communications.