I. What Is the Organizational Problem?

A. Provide a contextual basis for the organizational problem that you have chosen. How does this problem fail to meet quality or other regulatory


B. Articulate organizational challenges posed by the problem (e.g., interdepartmental conflicts, communication failure, budgetingissues).

II. Evidence-Based Support

A. Provide data that supports the existence of the problem. You may utilize public sources to find data related to your selectedproblem.

B. How has this problem been addressed in the past? What information management systems or patient care technologies have been utilized

when addressing this problem? Be sure to use peer-reviewed literature to support your answer.

C. Discuss relevant accreditation standards, safety standards, compliance standards, and quality initiatives. How do these standards promote a

culture of safety within the department? Be sure to cite the appropriate standards within your answer.

III. Performance Improvement Initiative

A. Propose an initiative that will address this problem within the department of your chosen healthcare organization. What specific relevant quality

standard will this quality initiative address?

B. Discuss the data determinants of success, as related to this initiative. In other words, what type of data will be indicative of a quality outcome?

IV. Implementation of the Plan in the Organization

A. What interdepartmental communication channels will be used for plan implementation?

B. What manner of data interpretation will be used to communicate the findings within the organization?

C. If this initiative was implemented, what do you believe would be the hypothetical effect(s) on patient care outcomes? How will health

information systems support those improvements in patient care?

D. What do you think the hypothetical effect of the quality or performance initiative will be on the culture of safety within the organization?

V. Success of the Performance Improvement Plan

A. If this initiative is successful, what would be the financial implications for the healthcare organization?

B. How would the existing information management systems contribute to the success of your proposal?

C. What organizational processes will permit continued viability of the performance improvement initiative, if it issuccessful?

D. Analyze interdepartmental communication that would be necessary for continued engagement in the proposed initiative.