research the psychologist’s contributions to the field of psychology using the criteria below. Your goal is to create a one-page outline of the profile of the psychologist. Use this template to complete your assignment. Include the following background information:

• Life span

• Place of birth

• Cultural information (what was going on in society during your psychologist’s early life? Was this a time of political upheaval? Were there any significant movements going on during this time?)

• Information about upbringing (family life)

• Education

• What was this person like? Include any interesting characteristics, quirks, etc. about this person. Try to capture their personality.

Answer the following questions regarding the psychologist’s philosophy of and approach to psychology:

• What are their major theories?

• What is this person’s most famous research?

• Who were their contemporaries?

• Stereotypes, myths and misunderstandings about the person

• How did this psychologist’s contributions to the field of psychology benefit psychology?