In this post, please discuss your understanding of and reaction to the reading of the 2 textbooks: Hacker (2013) Ch1, and Lawson (2015) Introduction, and Ch1, with the following 5 key points, using numbers to indicate these key points (it is best to copy and paste the header from here below to your own post). Use a VERY BRIEF paragraph (about 3-4 sentences) for each of the following 5 key points:

(NOTE: you should NOT try to define the terms one by one, but rather, simply put these terms in sentences such that they make clear and appropriate sense according to the textbook (e.g., “Conventional research differentiates basic research from applied research, and claims that researchers should keep social distancing, be impartial and objective.”)

1. show your understanding of the concept of “Action Research” (i.e., how it differs from “basic research”), by including the following boldfaced key terms in your paragraph (Make sure you use BOLDFACE to highlight these terms in your post).