The Company Overview assignment is the second part of your ongoing project for the course.

Go online and find as much information as possible about your selected company. Write a brief company overview. In your overview, you will need to include the following:

• Title page with the company name and logo, title, student name(s) and date

• Table of Contents with page numbers for each section of the overview

• Sections to include:

o Company background & history

o Company leadership and leadership style (e.g. democratic, participative, etc.)

o Company products

• The External Assessment assignment is the third part of your project. It consists of three (3) major parts: CPM, EFE and MPM.

• Complete a Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM), use at least 12 factors and three (3) competitors, including your company (your company + two more companies). Provide analytical comments on matrix results, four (4) factors, and cite sources in the APA format.

Please submit CPM in excel.