Guideline for formatting manuscript.

Length: two pages, double-spaced essay (800+ words).

A4-size paper, with top and bottom margins set at 1.0 inch (2.54 centimeters) and left and right margins set as 1.25 inches (3.175 centimeters).

Format your manuscript with MS-Word (1997-2016 version).

Use 11 pt., “Times New Roman” or “Cambrian” font. No boldface font is allowed. No expanded or condensed spacing between characters is allowed. No extra spacing between paragraphs is allowed. No header or footer is allowed. No fancy formatting is allowed.

All text should be left justified. No justification of text on both the left and right sides is allowed.

The first-line indent of each paragraph should be set at 0.2 inches (0.508 cm).

All footnotes should be single-spaced, numerically ordered, and with 9 pt., “Times New Roman” or “Cambrian” font.

Writing quality is important in this essay. If your essay has more than five flagrant grammars, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, you will lose 20 points.

All direct quotations and paraphrasing should be cited in the footnotes or in the “Works Cited” section with source information (author, the title of books or articles, magazine, publisher, date, page number, etc.) clearly identified.

All citations should follow the MLA style

Failure to give credit to the source of borrowed information is plagiarism.

Plagiarism will be punished. You could be expelled from EOU because of this academic dishonesty. Please read our course syllabus’ “academic integrity” section carefully before writing.

Errors in citation style and manuscript format could lower your grade.