refer to a vsist to the museum of modern out visit when writing about the peice & Take a notepad and fill it with a written and sketched response to any Cubist, Expressionist,

Dada, Surrealist, or Symbolist work by Redon or Bocklin.


When viewing, look at the entire piece. Do not count on “remembering” the piece. Do not use

the internet. Do not document with your phone; draw the piece – this will cause you to look at

it. Make drawings of details – figures, drapery, feathers etc. make note of colors used.

Objective: to appreciate a work in actual existence, to break it down formally, demonstrating

your understanding of the work’s associated art historical movement.

Write a 1-2 page response (double spaced) in which you first provide a formal breakdown of the

work and then discuss how it can be defined as art according to the expectations of the Modern

art movements. You may take an opposing viewpoint.

First, introduce the work – title, artist, date/period and medium

Next, describe the works in detail. How large is the piece, what medium did the artist use, if

sculpture what material, if painting or photography is the work framed? For drawings, paintings

or photographs describe the entire contents of the piece, provide the color used when

describing any object, figure or ground.

Then, discuss the work, what is the intention of the artist, where is the evidence? Bring the

evidence to the attention of your reader; why the artist has made his/her choices, this may

relate to the political climate or personal background of the artist. (This information will come

from the museum or your textbook, not the internet). This needn’t be a lengthy discussion, just

enough to demonstrate your understanding of the artists’ intentions and how it translates to the

work(s) an art history.

This is not a research paper, all information should come from your direct observations,

information about any particular movement will come from class discussion and/or your

textbook and any text that is present next to the work in the museum or gallery. DO NOT use

the internet, do not go to museum or gallery websites. Use your brain, it works. All ideas count

so long as you can back it up with evidence from your observation of the work.

It is an opportunity in using appropriate art world vocabulary. This is not a test, enjoy the work

and let your reader know what you have found.

The paper: 1-2 pages, double spaced, 12pt. font, 1.25” margins on left and right and 1” top and

bottom. This is a formal paper, complete thoughts and sentences and correct grammar are

required. Points will be deducted for poor grammar. Have someone with a firm grip of the

English language check your paper for errors. Please do not use first person, i.e. “I”, do not

describe your experience of getting to the museum or how you decided on the work.