Civic Engagement Literature Review: 4 pages

1. Describe the client system. In this case (larger group or community), create a Literature Review on Civic Engagement for Voting for the Veteran Population at the Local Parker County Texas, State Level Texas, and the National Level.

a. Show data and explain how veteran representation at the poles affects the community, state, and nation.

b. Show data representing how many veterans do not vote; Include age and why they failed to vote—I.e, homeless, mental health, etc.

c. Show data on how they tend to vote, democratic or republican, and clearly state reasons for this.

d. Show data of active duty voting vs. veterans voting as the overall picture.

e. Conclude how to improve voter registration for veterans based on peer reviews and your thoughts, be thorough.


g. APA 7th edition. Would you please ensure this is 100% correct?

2. Formating for the paper

a. Summary

b. Introduction

c. Body per instructions above

d. Conclusion

3. Please, Quality, not Quantity!