Hello, and thank you for helping me with my assignment. Please find attached 3 documents, one is with the assignment task, one with instructions to complete the task provided by the tutor, and the last one, titled ‘Draft’, is the report as i received it following a previous order. The report needs rewriting to fit the requests of the assignment.

My main issues with the current draft are:

– there is a table illustrating the cost report of the event, however there is no cash flow forecast for 4 months as per the requirement.

– the sums provided are in $, not in £ as expected, but a bigger issue is that the total cost of organizing the event seems astronomical, from what I know from my other colleagues, they ended rounding up events costing 15k-25k in total, not close to 150k. Also, the expenses need justifying by including an online source for each expense and adding them into appendices (i.e. a link to a UK based florist to justify the price of flowers – the flowers in the draft ended up costing 2500$ – why!). The expenses and costs should be realistic as underlined in the instructions.

– last but not least, it doesn’t say which type of event this is. It only refers to it as a generic 100-guests launch party. It would be useful to know what is it that the company launches. Or is it a company itself launching? It could be the launch of a new product, or the company opening a new branch etc. but it needs to be mentioned.