Dissertation Topic: What are the adverse effects of wet decontamination.

I have added multiple papers which you can use as reference to form a basic idea of what the topic is and have a starting point. The PPT is a basic presentation on the details of the project, i.e, the word limit, how many words for each section as well as which sections should be there. The excel data is to be plotted as bar graphs and included into the final dissertation, both excel sheets have some notes to look at in them. DATA ANALYSIS has to be done using MINITAB or STATA for the results as well as discussions section (95% confidence intervals). VERY VERY important that the data analysis is done and included in discussions (Null hypothesis, P value, any statistical test that fits the data). I have also attached a previous year dissertation as an example of how it must look and what to include. Can you also use the references used in that dissertation please.

Please go into as much scientific detail as possible for every section.

Reference format is Biomedical Vancouver, for example use (

Maximum word count is 5000.