Final grades will be based on four discussion papers of one of the theories presented in the content modules. These four papers should be 5-6 pages* each, from our discussions of the theories as applied to the semester case occurring during the previous four modules. For this discussion paper, you can choose from one of the following models (please do not write a paper on an intervention model that has not been discussed in class):

Attachment Theory


Relational Theory


As with all papers, your discussion will need to be supported from the readings and other external sources. Note that you will need to refer to the class readings, and you will lose points if you do not. They need to be properly cited according to APA requirements, and will be graded on the basis of correct formatting. This paper must be based on the case study of Laura (see “Course Materials” Module). A rubric for the discussion papers is also available in that module. The outline you must use for the discussion papers is as follows:

Provide a clear statement as to which issue of Laura’s is being discussed

State which intervention model you are discussing

What are the key features of the intervention model. This includes the theory behind the model and what the model says about human nature, how problems develop, and how the model is designed to address those problems.

Provide a brief statement about how you will apply the model

Give a brief statement about which aspects of the model would be most helpful for Laura specifically, and why.

*Please note that content exceeding the 6 page limit will not be read/graded.