This year we will consider how remote working has changed the orientation and “settling in” experience of newly graduated employees and what could be done to improve it. Therefore, for this assignment you are required to draw on relevant Parker and Wall (1998) work characteristics and outcomes to:1) Discuss the various ways in which the experience of a new graduate joining an organisation virtually is different from the more conventional ways (500 – 1000 words);2) Propose two specific initiatives that could be introduced to improve how graduates experience the first few months of employment in a virtual environment (1500 – 2000 words). In proposing your initiatives, be sure to provide clear and balanced arguments that highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of your ideas.

There is a 2500 word limit on the essay. This applies to the main body of the essay (i.e. not the title page, references, or appendices). Therefore, your essay should be a maximum of 2500 words.Your essay should be a file in MS Word format (.doc or .docx), with your surname and student number as the file name. For example, Milo204321.docx. Please do not use any other file name format. If you are unable to submit a MS Word version of your essay, please submit a PDF version instead. The first page of this file must please include your name and surname and student/person number, and course code (PSYC3031) only. This should be followed by the body of your essay. Your reference list (in APA format) should follow the conclusion of your essay, on a new page with a clear title ‘Reference List’ (this will help Turnitin identify and ignore this bibliographic information). Outcomes of the essay:Once you have completed the essay assignment you should be able to:Knowledge: Identify and discuss the factors associated with virtually navigating a new work environment  Demonstrate an understanding of the applicable theory (or theories) Skills: Synthesize your critical thoughts and ideas into a written assignment Formulate your thoughts into a coherent critical argument  Describe and present your ideas and deliberations in a clear and concise manner Apply appropriate APA referencing formatsAttitudes: Appreciate the role that industrial/organisational psychological theory can play in the world of work