Please follow the research in the link provided. This paper needs to be at least 500 words in length and it is a reflection paper. I am not looking for anything amazing, just asking to please answer the questions provided below follow the instructions.

((obviously i am not looking for you to watch or read everything))

From there, start exploring. I recommend watching all the videos, and making sure you look at the infographics. You do not have to read all the articles, but they are all super interesting. Make sure that you screen the video concerning increasing complexity and understanding thresholds. Go through each threshold (chapter). You do not have to take the quizzes I will not check your work, but you need to complete enough of the Big History course to write a comprehensive review of it. you will submit an approximately 500 word short reflection essay that gives specific examples from the BHP in order to answer these questions: How is it different from other history courses? What do you find valuable? problematic? Do you like it?

ALL PROVIDED in the link below.